The project

The Second life Survey is a questionnaire which will give you an opportunity to share the experiences you’ve had in this wild and astonishing world we call Second Life.  The questions are mostly presented in a multiple choice format, and are fairly easy to understand, although you may have to reflect back on your experiences a bit in order to answer.  And of course, if you feel uncomfortable with any questions, we would prefer that you skip it, rather than answer dishonestly.

Who is conducting it?

The Second Life Survey is conducted by Angelica Ortiz and Pierre-Etienne Noble, both whom are professional researchers, and yes, avid Second Life members.

Why are we doing it?

This survey is not affiliated with any company, business or institution and is not for profit. Our motivation for conducting it is purely in the interest of gaining a greater understanding of Second Life residents and sharing this knowlege with you when the survey is complete.

Why should you participate?

Ok, so why do it?  First of all, you will be part of one of the first surveys created for SL and one of the first efforts to collaborate for an understanding of how virtual worlds are impacting our daily lives.  If you do chose to participate, we would like to show our thanks by giving you a exclusive gift which has been crafted specially for Survey Participants by Dasilva (one of the best jewelry crafters in Second Life).  Once you have completed the survey, you will receive instructions on how to get your gift.  

What about you rights as participant?

We will not be publishing or posting any individual survey results, rather an analysis of the aggregated data we collect from all surveys completed. All the information you provide will remain completely anonymous will not be traceable to you. Your participation is voluntary.  You may decide not to participate or choose to discontinue your participation at any time during the course of the survey.

When will the results be published?
Since we will need a minimum number of completed surveys in order to compile the data, we cannot say for sure exactly when the results will be posted.  Hopefully soon!

More about us

Angelica OrtizAngelica:  I am a graduate of the University of Monterrey in Mexico (UDEM), a licensed psychologist and currently studying long distance for a masters degree in Mental Health and Bioethics from the University of Leon in Spain.  My experience in the analysis of internet and new media use dates back to 1998 when I began conducting explorative research at UDEM on the psychosocial implications of the internet use. I have participated in television and radio interviews, attended or presented at various conferences and authored articles, several of which have been published. During the past two years, I have been working and colaborating in Sweden at the National Institute of Health in the area of gambling addiction. At the Institute, I contributed to online gambling and video gaming and I authored an extensive report on the psychosocial impact of online video gaming to be published this year.  I consider my self pro-technology  and my interest in the virtual comunities and online video game use derives from my strong curiosity and need to understand the interaction between human beings and new media, with the goal of maximizing the psychological and social benefits of interactive virtual technologies while reducing the risks or dangers it can presents to some individuals.  If you would like to know more, you are welcome to check out my website at www.cyberpsyke.org .

Pierre-Etienne NOBLE Aka Wolkam WingerPierre-Etienne:  I am a graduate of the Toulouse Business School in France with a Masters in Marketing and Communication, and I’ve been working at a French company as web project manager for the past 8 years. I’m also a researcher in the e-marketing department (IMEC) of theToulouse Business School. For my Masters I wrote a case study on key factors for the success of World Of Warcraft, and I wrote my Mastere’s thesis on economics, marketing and society within virtual worlds. I’ve been a gamer since I was 11 years old, and I was a guild leader for MMORPGs like Ryzom and World Of Warcraft. In SecondLife, I’m the Chief Editor of one of the greatest blog websites on SecondLife in French (SLObserver.com) and I have my own modern furniture shop where I sell my own trademarked creations (WWD Wolkam Winger Design). I also work as designer for other great companies like Millions Of Us.  I’m interested by all the metaverses and how they are impacting our society and real lives.  I come across a lot of media and marketing companies who don’t really understand SecondLife and our community.  I love SecondLife and I work hard to explain that this world isn’t a passing fashion for us; it’s a state-of-the-art environment for artists, builders and all people who want to share and actively interact, A recent question posed by a French journalist was “which is the better life, the first or the second?” To this my response is “The first of course!  I love people, trees and sky. And in this first life I can have my SecondLife too.”

Why Join Us
As we mentioned, we will publish the complete results of our survey on this site in the near future. If you would like to be alerted about this, or potentially participate in other research activities, recived tips, etc. You can join our Second Life group called “SLsurvey”.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have, at:

Angelica Ortiz: angelica.ortiz@cyberpsyke.org

Pierre-Etienne Noble: wolkam@msn.com

Thanks, and hope to see you!


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27 04 2007
beatrice guerville

Je l’ai rempli en anglais, quand même. Ave mon dico, ça a été, sauf une question que je n’ai pas rempli parce que pas comprise (n/a) et le niveau d’études que j’ai mis au hasard. J’ai un bac+2. , je ne sais pas à quoi ca correspond chez vous. Bonne journée!

2 12 2010
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