The Survey History by M2

22 10 2007



Angelica inteviewed by M2 about Gambling

22 10 2007

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Survey Result is online !

31 08 2007

I just finished to publish the result of the survey on the blog, I begin to publish it too inside SecondLife in my Showroom, I will post a note when it will be ready.

We are not a marketing company!

12 04 2007

Just to rectify any past misunderstandings: our surveys are solely for our own research and subsequent publication of our findings. Angelica is doing research in Second Life to get a clearer picture on gambling and engagement and I am looking at all aspects of our ever expanding virtual community. All data of our research will be published solely for our community.

Look at the the “About” page to learn more about us and our project.

Going “Live” with the SL Survey

26 03 2007

We just went “live” with the survey for testing it, and if you encounter any problems, please let us know as soon as possible.  We had a small problem yesterday when attempting to deliver the survey gift (due to a Second Life crash).  So, if you don’t receive your gift, please don’t hesitate to send another IM to Wolkam Winger.


5 03 2007

Welcome to our survey project about Secondlife.

Here you can read all about the project.

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